The highlight for the office furniture sector in June is the NEOCON in Chicago. The international furnishings trade fair took place for the 49th time from 12 - 14 June.    Even after almost half a century, it has maintained its important status and is still just as attractive for Dauphin. The NeoCon remains a meeting place for competitors, customers and other interested parties, offering an opportunity to talk to people and share ideas. Chicago is the “place to be” in June for the trendsetters in the sector too.

What was noticeable this year is the fact that many manufacturers have been bold in their choice of colours, presenting products in striking yet pleasant colour shades.  The colours ranged from orange, pink, red and green to all shades of blue. The Dauphin Group’s exhibition area also made careful use of colours – either to create zones or to achieve a pleasant, homely atmosphere. The Dauphin exhibition focused on inspiring, functional furnishing solutions – all presented in an appealing, homely manner. Covering an area of 240 square metres, the stand featured furniture solutions for “Welcome”, “Work”, “Meet”, “Learn” and “Relax” areas. Product highlights included the ergonomic Lordo flex and Stilo swivel chairs, the versatile Fiore seating range for public areas and the 4+ Relax easy chair.

The stand and the new products went down very well with visitors. The trade fair was once again a complete success for those responsible. “We’ve been taking part in trade fairs in Chicago for over 25 years now and we always look forward to talking to our international customers and other interested parties,” said Dr Jochen Ihring. “The NeoCon is THE platform for the American region and internationally and will remain a must for the Dauphin Group in the future.”

Further information about the NeoCon is available here.