August 2015. Holiday time – vacation time – travel time. Relaxation, adventure, culture. Everybody likes to spend their holiday differently. Just within your own circle of colleagues and friends, there will be lots of different views on what makes the perfect holiday or how to relax when you are away from the office. Some people will visit relatives in Berlin, others will travel to the Ötz Valley to go rafting or to Switzerland to hike, and others still will prefer to visit cities in their own country and abroad. There are package holidaymakers who like to relax on the beach and adventurous types who like to explore a country and its people for themselves. There are those who like to relax in familiar surroundings and visit the same popular holiday resort that they know well year after year; and then there are globetrotters who want to see and experience as many of the world's countries and cities as possible.

The last category of "globetrotter" also includes our Mini-Perillo, the clone of the successful and award-winning Züco lounge chair designed by Martin Ballendat. The mini version wanted to see the world! We therefore packed it into the luggage of colleagues, friends and family and sent it on its travels. Where to? We will now be regularly reporting on this here in the blog in the category "Mini Perillo travels to…". It goes without saying that we also picked up one or two tips for the destinations it travelled to.

Heartfelt thanks go to all travellers who found a small space for the little chap and in so doing took a piece of Züco, a piece of Switzerland and also a piece of the Dauphin Group out into the world with them.

Anybody is free to participate with their own Mini-Perillo. We are still on the lookout for attractive, creative, interesting or informative pictures showing our Perillo during a range of activities in different countries, regions or cities. Please send any pictures, questions or suggestions to blog(at) Thank you!!!!


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